I am lead developer on the EmERGE Project, an EU funded project working to integrate modern software into hospitals around the union to enable clinicians to review and send data to patient's mobile devices to allow them to control and improve their own healthcare outcomes.

This has been a large project that has involved both web and mobile app development, both of which I have been the primary developer for, as well as co-ordinating with several development teams to integrate their data interfaces into our software as well as build easy to use and secure REST APIs for consumption internally as well as externally by other teams.

This has involved development of an iOS and Android app, as well as REST API, web app development and server management.


Scenario Generator

Scenario Generator is a random challenge generator for various pc and console games. Most of the games on the site have an element of randomisation or player driven content. A problem with these games is that it is easy for players to run out of ideas. Growing out of a single challenge generator for Dwarf Fortress, Scenario Generator now has challenge generators for 35 separate games.

Shortly after launch the site gained many users via social media, particularly Reddit and Twitter, as it was shared by fans of the games on the site, as well as developers of some of the games. As well as being spread by social media, the site was featured in several gaming news sites including RockPaperShotgun, VG24/7, and Kotaku.

The site has reached half a million people and continues to draw in new and enthusiastic users.

Scenario Generator is developed using Rails 4 and React.JS. was a payroll distribution app built in Backbone and Marionette. Incoin provided an easy to use interface for employees to manage their paycheck and divide it between multiple bank accounts and/or bitcoin wallets. Employers were provided with management tools for handling their employees salaries and benefits.


Podmedics is a medical revision website used by thousands of medical students. I worked on a rewrite of the front and backend of the website integrating Facebook and Twitter Oauth as well as community features using asynchronous technologies.


In my spare time I like to make small games, noteworthy projects are listed below

Moment of Interaction

This was my first full Ludum Dare. The theme was 'You Only Get One.'
My entry was a simulation where the user places a village in a procedurally generated world at the beginning of the game and then has no more interactions with the game world, this is their one moment of interaction.
The procedural generation of the world uses the A* pathfinding algorithm for river generation and a customized implementation of the algorithm described here
A gallery of my progress through development is available here.
Code available here.

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